It’s December 13; Good Morning Union

“Now to Him who is ABLE to keep you from falling and to present you without blemish before the presence of His glory with rejoicing…” Jude 24

Last GMU of the semester. I hope you have a safe trip home, or wherever you are going, and that you have a restful and recovering break—READY to come back with a renewed focus on how to make next semester even greater than this one.

My last “able” text is the ultimate of blessings- He is able:

1. to keep me from falling
2. to present me faultless before God

And He does it “with rejoicing!” I like that picture of God and Jesus! When I look at the task before God- of forgiving sins and creating us new- and because I’m NOT God, I sometimes have imagined that as a challenging and difficult task. I mean, if I had to look back at my life and figure out how I would clean up all the junk that has happened to me and by me (and my life has been good!) it would be quite a task! Sometimes I have been guilty of responding to repenting sinners with just a little bit of, “He better appreciate all that God is doing for him by forgiving and cleansing him!” That’s pretty sad but I’m afraid I have been guilty of thinking that (a LONG time ago! )

But the picture I see here of Jesus is one of rejoicing; not a serious judge and a serious lawyer trying to negotiate my innocence, but an excited Judge and a pumped Lawyer, presenting me, one version says, “with rejoicing,” and another says, “with EXCEEDING joy!” They are EXCITED about cleaning me up and presenting me as one of Their children! How cool is that?!

Have a great Christmas season as we remember this is the time of year to remember that what happened symbolically on Christmas day is the reason God and Jesus can be so excited!

Have a great day (and break) letting Jesus be excited about YOU,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “For, unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given…” Isaiah 9:6

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