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It’s March 30; Good Morning Union

Friday, March 30th, 2012

WDJS #79

“Take eat; this is my body.” Mark 14:22

I guess I’m about a week early on this command. Next Thursday would actually correspond to the event containing my command for the day. Jesus was about to die. He had the disciples prepare the Passover meal and as they were eating it I imagine Jesus thinking about how He could illustrate for His disciples the message He was going to fulfill on the cross the next day. What could He use that would help them remember His sacrifice?

He chose common old ordinary bread! It seems like He could have chosen something more majestic so that no one would forget that He was God! I guess this is ANOTHER time when I realize that it’s a good thing I’m not God! He chose something that:
1. Everyone could relate to- we all know what bread is
2. Everyone would be exposed to- almost every day
3. Sent a message of infiltration into every fiber of life- that bread enters my body and through chemical breakdown has the potential of becoming a part of every cell in my body—THAT, I believe, is what Jesus wants to do for and in me.

In a common everyday way Jesus wants to become a part of everything I am. That’s the challenge I see in my “command for the day.” Jesus said, “Take and eat, this is my body which was broken for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” My application of this text/command, “I died for YOU. Now consume Me and make Me a part of everything you are and do. This kind of total commitment will help you not forget Me.”

Have a great day choosing to remember Jesus,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “You don’t have to cross the sea, to see the cross!” Missions pastor

PS This afternoon @ 4 help prepare supper @ the People’s City Mission. Sign up in Campus Ministries and meet in Rees Hall lobby.

PPS Vespers @ 7:30 will feature our guest Joseph Kidder, Associate Professor of Christian Ministries at Andrews University. See you in the church tonight!

PPPS Did you know that you can watch vespers on line live streamed or archived. Check it out

PPPPS Afterglow, something different each week after vespers. This week it will be another open forum panel with most of the same guests we had in December!! Send your questions to Steven Shafer
We are especially interested in your thoughts about the Tony Campolo presentation earlier this month.

PPPPPS Tonight- 9:30- Rees Hall Worship Room- Sanctuary study