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It’s January 31; Good Morning Union

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

WDJS # 43

“Go and learn what this means;” Matthew 9:13

Jesus is still gathering His team and the religious people of the day continue to disagree with His choices. Today in my search to find out What Did Jesus actually Say, I found the story of Levi Matthew, the tax collector. The IRS back then was not held in very high esteem- some things never change- except theirs was corrupt—ours is just dictated by Congress! (Stick to the story Rich, stay out of politics!) So there sat Matthew at his tax table when Jesus gave the “commanded” to follow Him. And Levi got up, left everything, and followed Jesus. THAT should or could be the command of the day! When Jesus calls do I respond?

Jesus said, “Follow Me,” but they ended up at Matthew’s home for dinner. It was like Matthew’s response to Jesus’ command was Matthew’s invitation, “No, Jesus, follow ME to MY house for dinner.” And Jesus apparently followed! Isn’t it just like Jesus? He asks me to follow Him and then is willing to follow me back into my life, wherever I go, so that once I am “following Him,” He can make an impact on everything I do, even having supper. It does not sound like it was a sanitized church potluck either because the church leaders were quite critical of the guests—tax collectors– and sinners!

And “WDJS?” What Did Jesus Say? “The healthy don’t need a doctor, the sick do. Go learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.” So, what does it mean? I see a bit of “tongue-in-cheek” almost religious humor in Jesus’ voice. Also pity for these poor misguided souls. They thought they were “righteous”- so righteous that they shouldn’t even be associating with “sinners.” They looked good on the outside and were going through all the systems, like sacrifices, that made them appear “holy.” My picture of Jesus in this situation is of a Savior looking for people who needed saving (aka sinners) because they know they need help, and to those who know they need help Jesus is right there. But if I think I have it all figured out and am patting myself on the back for what a good person I am, I don’t even know that I am “sick” and in need of the Great Physician. “I can’t heal people who don’t think they are sick and I can’t save people who think they have already saved themselves,” said Jesus to me this morning. That’s what I “went” and “learned” today in my time with Him.

Have a great day realizing your need of a Savior, so He can do what He wants in your life,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “The happiest people don’t necessarily HAVE the best of everything. They just MAKE the best of everything.”

PS Chapel today will be presented by Lauren Lombard, IRR graduate of Union and working for ADRA in Washington DC. Come hear about how you too can become involved in caring for the needs of this world. See you in the church @ 10:30

PPS Christ on Demand- 9pm Lang Lobby (above Ortner Lobby)

PPPS This Sabbath is the day we prepare lunch for the homeless people of Lincoln. This event is hosted by our PA students but anyone is welcome to participate. Meet at 10am at the park bench in front of Larson Lifestyle/Nursing/PA building. You will be back by 1pm. Questions? Contact Rodett @