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It’s December 15; Good Morning Union

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

WDJS #27

“You may go, your son will live.” John 4:50

Back in Cana a royal official, whose son was sick, came and begged Jesus to heal him. Jesus’ response seemed a bit abrupt at first when I read it. “All you guys want are miracles!” It probably DID get tiring to be hounded for help all the time. But the man didn’t really care how it looked, all he wanted was for his son to be healed. “Sir, just please come before my child dies.”

Jesus said, “You may go, your son will live.” The man said, “Please COME,” and Jesus said, “You GO!” And I like the next sentence; “The man took Jesus at His word and departed.” Fitting nicely into my theme of the commands of Jesus or, WDJS, no matter what I ask for am I willing to respond to what Jesus offers? THAT is the key question to this whole series. I may not know what Jesus would DO in every situation that people would apply the WWJD acronym to but what do I do with what He says?

The man believed and went back home. On the way some of his servants met him with the good news that his son was well. “What time did he get well,” asked the father. “About 1pm yesterday.” That was the exact time that Jesus “commanded” the man to go. I wonder how many times Jesus is answering my requests with even better answers than I hope for but I hesitate or may not even respond because I said “come,” and He said “go?”

I think I’ve said it before; I believe that if it’s important to God it is clear in His word! So when the commands of Jesus are clearly stated, the challenge becomes, what am I doing with the clarity of His word and His will for me?

Have a great day responding to that clarity,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “A rich person is not the one who has the most but the one who needs the least.”

PS If you are staying around for the break here is an update for you—the Sabbath School class that normally meets in the Student Center will be meeting in the Ortner Lobby during the vacation.

PS This is the last GMU for the semester. Have a great holiday break and we’ll see you all back for classes and a continuation of “What Did Jesus Say” on Monday, January 9!!