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It’s November 30; Good Morning Union

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

WDJS #17

“Don’t judge…” Matthew 7:1

In my Bible I have written in the margin by this verse, Romans 2:1 and 4 which reminds me of something my “years of experience” has taught me- usually the thing that I am most judgmental about I am, at least in my heart, most guilty of! And the stronger my “judgment” of someone else, the bigger the issue is in my own life. Now, there is NOT a 100% correlation between the two, but there usually is a striking resemblance that helps me look more closely at myself than at others when I start to judge.

Experience continues to show me that if I criticize people for not being “holy” I’m probably struggling with holiness myself; if I find fault with people who are sinning– you can fill in your own definition of singled-out-sin and see if it works because when I do I find that the sin I see in others is often something I am wrestling with myself! I have labored with people who are strong on the lack of moral purity in the church only to discover that they are having an affair. I have worked with people who are very judgmental of music in the church but see no reason to give up country western music in their lives, which when I listen to it may like the beat but the messages I find to be pretty immoral! The list could go on, but I won’t!

What I HAVE found in this whole “judging” thing that has blessed me is the opportunity I have to help identify the blind spots in my own life as they are revealed in what I want to judge in others. When I am tempted to “judge” I am reminded that “he who is without sin, cast the first stone,” and I stop and look at my life saying, “What in that person that I don’t like might be hiding in my life?” It’s been an eye opener!!

That’s what I see in Romans 2:1 and why I “cross-reference” it to Matthew 7:1, but the better part for me when I am tempted to judge is Romans 2:4, “It is the KINDNESS of God that leads to repentance.” I wonder what would happen if every time I think someone is doing something wrong I decide how I can be more kind to that person than judgmental? I think I already know!

Have a great day being a “kind” judge,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:
“People may forget what you said; People may forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

PS Hour of Power @7 in the church with special guest Jaime Jorge and a violin concert. Jaime is an amazing violinist and you will be both amazed and blessed by his ministry that will take the place of the traditional prayer meeting tonight.

PPS “Laboring Youth for Christ” @ 8 in the Student Center.