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It’s October 31; Good Morning Union

Monday, October 31st, 2011

“There is none like you…” 1 Kings 8:23

I end the month on prayer actually with two prayers, both of which illustrated to me the “talking with God as with a friend” idea as Ellen White calls it. In 2 Samuel 7 there is a prayer by David and in 1 Kings 8 there is one by Solomon. Two of the first three kings of Israel; leaders demonstrating how to pray. And in both prayers I find an ease of talking with God that reminded me this morning of the value of regular time with Him SO THAT it becomes more like talking to a friend and less like “the right thing” to say in “just the right way.”

David seemed to be overwhelmed by the greatness of God as he said over and over again in his prayer, “O Sovereign Lord… There is no one like You. You have taken care of us, blessed us, promised us a bright future, and have stood good on your promises!” And all he asked for was for God to continue being God and doing what God does best—taking care of His children! And with that David started building the temples that God could have a place where all could come and be with Him.

Solomon, after completing the building project begun by his father David, prayed the other prayer. Apparently he had learned something about prayer from his father because the prayers actually have a lot in common! In 1 Kings 8 Solomon said, as did his father earlier, “God, there is none like you!” And then he proceeded, like his father did earlier, to offer praise and thanks, to acknowledge fulfilled promises and the assurance that God would continue being faithful with His promises yet to be fulfilled. He was awed and humbled at the mystery of how the God of the universe would dwell with them in the newly constructed temple. And all he asked for was forgiveness, for himself and all the people.

Both prayers flow so smoothly, like both men were comfortable talking with their God. Both prayers were focused on God and not themselves. Both prayers took them into the presence of their Creator and Lord which was enough to stop them and give them time to reflect on HIS greatness and the privilege they had to be there with Him.

That’s how I want my prayers to be! How about you?

Have a great day in prayer in the presence of God—being awed and wowed!!
Pastor Rich

Today is brought to you by the letter Z. Who do you know whose name begins with Z that you can pray with or for today?

PS Prayer meeting in Inky’s at 7 with the Ministries Club. All are welcome.