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It’s August 31; Good Morning Union

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

“I will try to walk a blameless path, but how I need your help, especially in my own home, where I long to act as I should.” Psalm 101:2

It’s easy to wear a spiritual mask for a little while in a very controlled environment so I can look good before others. I can even mean it and sincerely be trying to live a Christian life, but when I have to demonstrate it 24/7 with the people who have to live with me, then the reality of my sinful nature can catch up with me sometimes. I want to give it my best shot but even my best shot can miss the mark some times.

That reality can be discouraging or it can be a turning point in my spiritual journey. Paul says, and I “don’t” quote but paraphrase, “The good I want to do I can’t, and the bad I don’t want to do I do. Who can deliver me from this spiritual rollercoaster of inconsistency?” His answer is David’s conclusion. Paul says, “Thank you God for being the One who delivers me.” David says, “Oh how I need YOUR help Lord.” One of the greatest lessons I have, and continue to learn in my spiritual journey is my need of Jesus. I can make is for a little while in public seemingly on my own looking pretty good on the outside, but pretty soon I remember my inside and my struggles and for those who can see me at my worst it can be pretty sad. BUT “thanks be to God” I don’t have to make it on my own. In fact I don’t have to travel any of the road on my own. Jesus is available if I want Him. And THAT is one of the biggest blessings and challenges in the spiritual journey—He’s available but I have to decide if I want Him. The blessings of choosing Him FAR outweigh the challenges that come along when I don’t. I recommend choosing Him for your strength and direction. It’s a lot easier than trying to perfect the journey on my own!

Have a great day choosing,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the Day: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” MLK