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It’s April 29; Good Morning Union

Friday, April 29th, 2011

“Wake up my bride! Your heart has become tepid, divided, and proud. I call you to Myself.” Revelation 3:14-22

Forty miles southeast of Philadelphia is the last city on the tour- Laodicea (if you are visually challenged then know that we have now come full circle, literally, and can return to Ephesus by heading west!) Located near the cities of Hierapolis (up on the hill of the hot springs) and Colossae (to whom the book of Colossians was written and at the base of the snow covered mountains that produced cold streams) it was a wealthy town known for its banking industry, medical schools (they produced a popular eye salve called “Phrygian powder”) these details confirming the importance of making messages relevant! The hot springs ran down one set of hills and the mountain streams came from the other direction and converged right near Laodicea. When they mixed guess what temperature the resulting water was? J Lukewarm! And what did Jesus encourage them to do so they could see Him better? Use HIS eye salve. I think they understood the details of the message!

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately so I can learn from situations that may mimic mine some times. A little spoiled, with spiritual self-satisfaction, complacency and indifference that accumulated over time as I spent too much time in the comforts of Christianity without risking in faith a move from my comfort zone into God’s vineyard and His calling to GO and make disciples. Talbot’s pastor describes Laodicea as having a “respectable, sentimental, nominal, skin-deep religiosity,” that was “flabby and anemic.” They appear to have taken a luke-warm bath in religion which extinguished zeal, fire and passion for Jesus. They are an example of a church (or a Christian) that fails to realize the power the “good life” has in diluting my wholehearted affection and passion for Jesus. “Riches and comfort may just be too much of a burden for Christians to carry.”

“Behold I stand at the door and knock…” This is not, according to Talbot, an evangelistic appeal to non-Christians. It is Jesus’ appeal to His bride to realize the tragedy of worldly comforts replacing communion with Him. Use your eye salve to see Me more clearly. Don’t be complacent in your luke-warm bathtub; discover the joy of being on fire for Me! I don’t like being called Laocedian because they get “spit out of His mouth.” I like rather the reminder from Laodicea that God has called me to SO MUCH more than weak eye sight and luke warm baths! He stands at the door and knocks. If I open the door HE WILL COME IN and “turn me on” to the joy of communion, community, compassion, and conversion.

Have a great day, the LAST day of classes, making a decision for 100% Christ that will change your whole world.
Pastor Rich