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It’s August 31; Good Morning Union

Monday, August 31st, 2009

“Shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life.” Philippians 2:15, 16

I almost missed this little gem as I was reading this morning. I passed it by and then, for some reason (and I believe it is one of the miraculous ways God demonstrates His roll in my private time with Him) I glanced back at the word “stars” and it caught my attention because I was just thinking about all the stars I saw the other morning on my jog. It all fits together—in His way—in His timing—IF I make myself available to Him!

So anyway, back to “shining like stars in the universe.” How do I do THAT?! Here’s my systematic conclusion within the context of the verse:

1. I do so by “holding out the word of life”
2. Which I do by being a “child of God without fault” (“in a crooked and depraved generation”)
3. Which I do by “becoming blameless and pure”
4. Which I do by doing God’s will “without complaining or arguing”
5. Which I do because I have “worked out my own salvation with fear and trembling”
6. Which I do by remembering that the “work” I do for my salvation is learning to accept the fact that it is “God who works in me accomplishing His will and purpose in my life.”

THAT’s what I found around my “shining star” text this morning. God saves me; THAT I have to “work out” in my daily life as I struggle with wanting some of the credit, some of the ownership, some of the power—and it CAN be frightening and I sometimes tremble at the thought that I can bring NOTHING to the table of salvation as a reason for God to save me. I can ONLY say thank you for what HE has already done to secure that assurance. My response (or at least my desired response) is to listen to and follow God’s ways as He reveals them to me, especially when they don’t make sense—without complaining or arguing. His ways are already way above my ways so I can’t expect to “understand it all,” but I can commit myself to following as I see His leading. My goal is to become like Him, “blameless and pure” BECAUSE of the choices I make as by faith I follow Him. That makes me a living illustration of what it looks like being a child of God and gives me the opportunity to demonstrate what it is like to live for the kingdom and not for this world. My focus is on God’s goal for me—eternal life—and I live like I believe it. And all of a sudden the non-spiritual world may just sit up and take note that here is a Christian that is allowing his Christianity to make a difference in his life. And I’ll “shine like a star in the universe!”

Have a great day being one of God’s shining stars,
Pastor Rich