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It’s May 6; Good Morning Union- LAST ONE!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

“Jesus did many other things.” John 21:25

“There is not enough room in all the world to house the books that could be written if EVERYTHING that Jesus did was recorded.” I didn’t understand this idea, especially in the days of computer chips which could offer unlimited space for all the things that could be written about Jesus. I once heard that Jesus’ life from 4bc-31ad encompassed about 1275 days of which only about 44 of them are written about, with the bulk of the gospels being written about 4 specific days. At that rate it would take about 100,000 pages, said this preacher, to contain a complete moment by moment diary of the life of Jesus. I was pretty impress by this, but then I opened my mind even further…. I think a part of that of the “gospel” which “was never written” is still being written because Jesus continues to impact the lives of people everywhere, everyday; everyone who wants to be impacted. So maybe the “gospel” is still being “written”… in heaven… about me… about you!!

What has been written, according to my final entry in my gospel, was written SO THAT I may believe “that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.” AND, by believing I “may have life in His name.”

So, there you have it, the written gospel story is complete and I paced myself just right so as to finish on the last day of school! J Now I just need to edit it some, clean it up, and print it for my grandchildren in such a way that when they can read they will hear the most beautiful story ever. BUT, just maybe the total gospel will never fully be written! If the gospel is the “good news” and that good news is about Jesus; AND if He is still working in miraculous ways in each of our lives, then the gospel may just keep on being written in the books of heaven as each of us recognizes and responses to the ministry of Jesus in our lives. It’s ours for the writing, but I must respond to His goodness, accept His gracious gift of eternal life, and respectfully prioritize my choices in life according to HIS will and not mine.

Thanks for a great school year. This is the last GMU (until next fall, God willing). I pray that you will have a great summer and be back with us again in the fall as we continue creating the environment and the opportunities for YOU to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Have a great day writing YOUR next chapter of YOUR gospel,
Pastor Rich

Epilogue to John=s Gospel (John 20:30,31; 21:24,25)