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It’s January 30; Good Morning Union

Friday, January 30th, 2009

“Everyone who asks receives.” Luke 11:9

Being rejected by the Jews, Jesus left Jerusalem and returned to the other side of the Jordan River, which means He went “down” to Jericho, just like the man in the Good Samaritan story, 30 miles or so, and then further east a few more miles until He came to the river. His disciples ask Him to teach them how to pray and Jesus reiterates His teachings from the Sermon on the Mount and repeats part of the Lord’s Prayer and a few other gems like “ask and you will receive,” and, “how much more will your Heavenly Father do good things for those who love Him.”

I’m still not sure I understand Jesus’ illustration of the man coming to his friend’s home and asking for bread, and his friend finally gives him the bread, not because they are friends, but because of his persistence in asking, but I’m willing to stay open to explanations and guidance from the Spirit. I guess I would want to believe that the friend would give to his friend because they are friends not because he whined long enough! I’ll keep working on this one.

But the part I did like again this morning is the comparison, or perhaps contrast, between fathers giving good things to their children and God’s willingness to give good things to those who ask. I love to watch people be nice to other people; I appreciate acts of kindness, that I can give or that I see others giving; I am blessed when I watch others doing good to others, EXPECIALLY when there is no direct correlation to that act and what the giver can get out of it! But my love, appreciation and blessings are magnified when I read Jesus’ response to all our “goodness.” He says, in essence, “That all nice, but it’s NOTHING compared to the goodness in store for you from the Father.”

Sometimes it’s hard to get my mind around a God in Heaven that I can’t see and His promises that I still don’t understand how they are distributed. But when I see goodness and kindness and love in people I sort of have a benchmark, low as it might be in comparison, for my being wowed by how much more good, and kind and loving God is. He comes out the winner every time I allow myself the luxury of watching the good in sinful mankind and realize once more that “I ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Have a great day being blessed by the goodness of human kind so you can be wowed by the goodness of God!
Pastor Rich

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