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It’s December 18; Good Morning Union

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

“Do you see anything?” Mark 8:23

This is the only miracle in stages that Jesus performed that I know of. It’s a new twist on the powers of Jesus (and another ‘Biblical’ validation for spitting!) Maybe it was to challenge and test the faith of its recipient, I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter, but it did remind me of the cell phone commercials—“Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?” Jesus took the man outside the city, maybe so as to not draw too much attention to the event, spit, touched the man’s eyes, and said, “Can you see me?” Then touched him again and said, “Can you see me now?”

He touched him, then touched him again. And then the man could “see clearly” the Bible says. I didn’t spend much time reflecting on partial miracles or developmental miracles, but my thoughts did wander off to the times when I have asked Jesus for help and did not feel totally satisfied with His results or my perception of His response. I got SOME peace but not total peace. I got SOME direction but not complete guidance. And I remember the times when in stead of persevering I gave up in frustration and doubted God’s ability to REALLY lead and guide me. This morning this progressive miracle reminded me that perhaps that’s also how God works in my life. Maybe I’m not ready for a full revelation of His will, maybe I couldn’t handle all the truth at this point, perhaps there was more God wanted to teach me that just what I was asking for. The blind man got a piece of healing and he stayed around, I think, because he believed there would be more. I need the same attitude in my dealings with God. I can’t give up when it’s not ALL clear, I can’t quit because it’s not working out exactly like I want, I better not walk away with half truth or the devil will add his “yeast” (see yesterday’s GMU!) and really get me confused. I need to hang in there and believe that God’s work in my life is in process, developing, growing, and will ultimately be completed IF I hang in there. Steve Green sang, Philippians 1:6, “He who BEGAN a good work in you WILL bring it to completion….” I’ll leave you with that for the Christmas holidays.

Have a great day hanging in there for the completion of God’s miracle in your life,
Pastor Rich

PS This will be the last GMU until January 6, 2009! Have a wonderful Christmas break. Hope you get to “enjoy” some snow!! I will!