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It’s November 21; Good Morning Union

Friday, November 21st, 2008

“Are you the one who was to come or should we expect someone else?” Matthew 11:3

When John the Baptist was in prison he had his moments, like I do too sometimes, when things are really looking bleak (though my “bleak” has never been as “bleak” as John’s, in prison ready to be killed!), and he asked his disciples to go ask Jesus if He WAS in fact the Messiah or should they continue searching. I love Jesus’ answer. No great theological discourse on divinity or the trinity. Just, “Go tell John all that you have seen.” That’s all—just watch Me and then report what you have seen.

I pondered this morning the application of this gospel entry to my own life and this is as close as I could come. I wonder if someone was trying to decide if he or she wanted to become a Christian so they set out to find one- Christian that is. They had heard that Pastor Rich was a Christian so they decided to take the direct approach and just find me and ask me—“So, Pastor Rich, are you a Christian or should we keep looking for someone who is?” I wonder if I could answer as simply and clearly as Jesus did and just say, “Watch me.” That’s all; just watch me.

Now I am NOT implying that to answer that question I have to have everything perfectly worked out in my life because that will never happen for me (or I doubt for you!) But being a Christian for me is not about perfection in behavior it is about a journey toward honesty with God about who I am and what Jesus is in my life. For Jesus, when asked by John’s disciples if He was the Messiah, He just said look at all the things I am doing to prove that I am from God. For me, when asked by anyone if I am a Christian I want to be able to offer them my life as a living testimony of what has happen as I continue discovering the goodness of God, the forgiveness of God, the mercy and love and faithfulness of God, and what an impact all that has had in my life resulting in peace, contentment, purpose, focus, and specific intentional guidance and direction for how to responsively and responsibly live my life for Him. “Just watch me, and then YOU decide if you’ve found a Christian yet.” I wonder if I could give that kind of answer.

I think the greatest witness to an unbelieving world is the evidence that God has indeed made a difference in my life. Just watch me—not for perfection of outward behavior necessarily or solely, but more so for inner evidence that God’s gifts of life, love, acceptance, forgiveness, grace and mercy have not been wasted but have become and continue to become even more clearly demonstrated by what difference they have intentionally made and will continue to make in me. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to say, “If you can’t see Jesus right now, just look at me and see what great things He’s doing for me?” It should be evident; it should be convincing. I hope it is.

Have a great day give solid and convincing to others of God’s love,
Pastor Rich