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It’s October 31; Good Morning Union

Friday, October 31st, 2008

“Nothing like this has ever been seen” Matthew 9:33

From raising the sick servant, to giving sight to two blind men, and now a demon-possessed man who could not speak—and Jesus healed them all! I have been amazed by the responses of the people who received and witnessed the miracle powers of Jesus. The Centurion’s response seemed to be one of complete confidence. Jesus said he would heal his servant and He did. The “heathen” Roman guard simply went home and found a well servant. The blind men, after they were healed, were told not to tell anyone about what had happened, but they went out and told everyone! And when the demon-possessed dumb man spoke the crowds were astonished and the religious leader said his Jesus’ power came directly from the devil!

Talk about running the gamut of responses! From heathen acceptance, to healed announcements, to crowds astonishment, to hypocritical anathema! And the one I prefer is the first. I’d like to be more like the Roman Centurion who not only understood how God worked but he appeared to have an abiding confidence in the power of Jesus’ words, with full enough assurance of Christ’s working that he simply went home to witness the work of God. No hype, no drama, no doubt, just faith that was acted out by actions consistent with absolute trust in God. I like that. I want to continue growing in my desire to have that same attitude and abiding trust as the foundation of my life. The Centurion learned how by understanding the role of authority in his life and applying those principles to his understanding of God. That’s not a popular approach today but I can’t get it out of my mind this week as the method that worked best!

Have a great day discovering the best response you can give to God’s goodness too,
Pastor Rich