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It’s May 7; Good Morning Union

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

“Go home and tell your family how much the Lord has done for you.” Mark 5:19

Well, this is it—the final GMU for the school year. That’s nine straight years of ME being blessed each morning as I give God time to show me something in His word that I can share with my school family! I hope you have been ¼ as blessed as I have been accumulating the 172 texts this year that I want fixed in my mind (eventually- I’m still working on them!) As you leave for home or work or wherever, I pray that you will take my final text and go with God’s blessings. As God leads in my life the most important people who need to see it and know it are the people right around me, that are closest to me. Two things, according to the whole text, that need to be “evident to all:”

  1. that God has done much for me
  2. that He has had mercy on me (I was reading last night in The Desire of Ages and Ellen says that to not accept God’s mercy is equivalent to committing the unpardonable sin! Wow! That’s a different twist on that difficult subject now isn’t it!?)

The more I realize that the more I have to tell about and the more impacted my life will be by Him. So have a great summer. If you’re graduating I’ll see you up front on Sunday just after you get your diploma; if you’re not, I look forward to continuing our journey together next August 19!

Have a great day and a great summer discovering more and more of God’s goodness and His mercy,
Pastor Rich