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It’s February 29; Good Morning Union

Friday, February 29th, 2008

“The Lord your God is with you,” Zephaniah 3:17

More prophet-warnings to the people to return to God. And in the midst of woes for two basic things, worshiping things other than God and turning away from God, I found a really amazing word picture, based on the five parts of this verse, of what God wanted to do for His people back 2600 years ago, and what He wants to do for me today.

  1. The Lord is with me
  2. He is mighty to save
  3. He takes great delight in me
  4. He quiets me with His love
  5. He rejoices over me with singing!

And this is the picture I saw in my mind this morning. God, looking down from heaven, and as only God can do, also being right beside me. His greatest desire is for me to let Him exercise His mighty power to save me. He has to wait on this one, like a parent wanting so badly to rescue and save his child from danger, but at the same time respecting their freedom to choose; hoping and praying that they will call out so they can response with their whole heart to rescue and save. And He does all that because He really likes me! More than that He takes great delight in me! God probably looks as delighted (or maybe even a little more) as I do when I see my grandchildren and hear them call my name and come running to me. NOTHING make me more delighted! I’ll bet that’s how it is with God too. And then I looked deep into His face and I saw such love and trusting confidence in me as His child that any fear or worry I might have had simply disappeared. And if that’s not enough then I try and picture God singing! About me!! I wonder what His voice sounds like? I’ll bet He’d make Unionaires! And He’s singing a praise song—about me! Wow, what a God—what a picture—what an experience as I “saw God” this morning.

Have a great day seeing Him for yourself today,
Pastor Rich