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It’s January 31; Good Morning Union

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

“”I have hidden your word in my heart…” Psalm 119:11

From the shortest chapter in the Bible a couple days ago, to the longest chapter in the Bible this morning. I wish I could say that I’ve memorized this whole chapter too, but I can’t! I used to shy away from Psalm 119 because of its length, but of all places, Hebrew class got me hooked! This LONG chapter is an acrostic poem, meaning that each verse of each stanza in the Hebrew begins with the same letter of the Hebrew alphabet- in order!. This chapter is how I first learned my Hebrew alphabet!! J Aleph, Beth, Gimmel, Daleth, He, etc! But in learning my alphabet I also learn the beauty of this chapter—a very thorough look at the value, the beauty, the importance, the truth found in the Law of God. It starts out with the promise that I will be blessed if I walk according to the law and ends with David promising God that he will not forget His commandments.

It contains my verse for today, which is the solution to not sinning—hiding God’s word in my heart (hence the value of memorizing Scripture!), it teaches me how to love the law of God—by meditating on it all day long (which is possible if I have “hidden it in my heart” by memorizing it!), it contains the famous working definition of the effect of God’s word—it is a “lamp to my feet and a light to my path,” and the beautiful promise for me if I love that law- I will have “great peace” and “nothing will be able to make me stumble!” How can it get any better than that? There’s a lot more but you’ll have to find it for yourself—176 verses verifying the validity and value of God’s law in my life.

But guys, I have another verse for you, although my guess is that it will work for you ladies too- “How can a young man (or woman) keep his/her ways pure?” Impurity in life is a soul-destroy disaster which tempts us, often times beyond our ability to humanly withstand. Wouldn’t it be great if we could answer that question? The answer is found in the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet! “By living according to Your word.” I’m not sure I have found a better solution in all the self-help books on overcoming sexual addictions or moral impurity. “LIVING” according to His word is not an occasional glimpse at a verse now and then, but as David commits in the next verse, it takes “seeking God with ALL my heart, not straying from His commands, hiding His word in my heart, meditating on it day and night, rejoicing in it, delighting in it,” and the emphasis goes on and on in the chapter. It’s a battle against Satan and I will NOT win on my own. David reminds me that victory with God comes when I am 100% with God.

OK, I just realized that I’ve already used verse 11 this year in my memory list—so I’m switching today’s verse to 9 and 10—

“How can I keep my ways pure? By living according to your word.” That is my prayer, my desire, and my commitment to God this morning. I want to win in this life while I wait for the coming of Jesus. I want my life to be one of His illustrations to a sin-filled and dying world. I pray the same for each of you today.

Have a great day learning the Hebrew alphabet- and anything else you might find useful in the chapter!
Pastor Rich