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It’s November 30; Good Morning Union

Friday, November 30th, 2007

“The foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.” 1 Corinthian 1:25

God is not foolish and He’s not weak— but IF He was then the worst He has to offer is better than the best I have to offer! How do you like that for a conclusion in contradiction?! Paul is doing his best to try and help the believers in Corinth understand just how great this God is that he is trying to help them grow to love and trust. It’s a pretty big deal, if I do feel that I am wise, or strong, to take that essential step of surrendering to a Power outside myself. It’s a lot easier for someone 80 years old, or someone on their death bed, or the thief on the cross who had knew it was over for him, to “give themselves entirely to God.” But what about if I am not old, or dying—and I have a lot going for me—and I feel pretty self-sufficient—what about me? How do I surrender?

I think one of the key elements is to feel a need for something better. And if I don’t live in a world of denial, or if I don’t keep playing the surface game of “looking good” on the outside, I, and probably you too, will have to admit there is something deep down inside that continues to look for that elusive and, from a secular perspective, evasive peace or contentment or inner joy. I can mask it, I can pretend like I don’t need it, but usually that void comes back to haunt me. I can either stuff it for a while longer, or admit that I still need something more. The “something more” I know is God, but how to get Him and keep Him so He can work His miraculous metamorphosis in my life, changing my pride into humility, my selfishness into other centeredness, and my emptiness into fullness in Him?

Paul suggests, as to most other writers in the Bible, that I have to know who God is if I expect to have a motivation to respond with love and surrender. One of the axioms that Paul operates under, especially after his Damascus Road experience where is wisdom and strength came crashing down in the presence of God, is to acknowledge, decide, confirm in my life, choose to believe, in the greatness and power of God. His description here is one of those supporting facts that has helped him make the surrender, has helped me make the surrender, and I pray today helps you make the surrender to the God who is worth trusting. The best I have to offer is not as good as the worst He has to offer! The greatness of me is not as great as the poorest part of Him! My strength is not as strong as His weakest part (and He HAS no “weaker parts!) My greatest intellectual attainment is not as great as His dumbest thoughts (and He HAS no dumb thoughts!) The least He has to offer is better than the best I have to offer.

The good news is though, that He does NOT offer me His least or His weakest, or His dumbest, or His poorest—He offers me His best!! He didn’t send a servant to die for my sins, He sent His Son! He didn’t offer to wink at my sins; He offered to take them away completely. He didn’t offer to let me just live, He offered to give me life eternal. He doesn’t ask for half of me—He asks for all of me! Maybe that’s because He has given me His best- how can I give any less to Him?

Have a great day realizing how wise and strong God is,

Pastor Rich